Q Life & Medical Insurance Co. (QLM) in Russia Provides a network of medical service providers at the highest level

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By virtue of an agreement signed in Moscow, QLM, the leading medical insurance and life insurance Company, entirely owned by Qatar Insurance Company (QIC), has announced that it has expanded its network of medical service providers in Russia. This step is a confirmation of the Company’s keenness to provide the best methods for its customers to benefit from the services it provides. This large expansion in Russia coincides with the World Cup, which is to be held in Russia in mid-June this year. The network includes about 700 service providers within the Russian state for QLM customers to enjoy directly services in this network, which includes the largest hospitals.

QLM ensures continuous medical insurance protection to its members who will represent prominent institutions of Qatar and who will be present at different venues of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The QLM medical network will cover all the cities where the World Cup matches will be held, such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, etc. In a visit to Russia by senior executives of QLM, major hospitals and medical centers were interviewed and reviewed within the network to ascertain the quality of the services they would provide to the company’s customers. Most of QLM network providers in Russia are accredited by FIFA.


“World Cup 2022 in Qatar is a historic event and inspired by the passion of the State of Qatar towards sports,” said Mr. Salem Khalaf Al Mannai, Deputy Group President & CEO of Qatar Insurance Group, commenting on this important step. “This prompted us to ensure the provision of a network of medical services providers of the highest quality and efficiency and geographical spread, ensuring the provision of health care services across the globe.”

“The Company’s strategy for the future,” he appended, “is to reach its objectives of global expansion and to enter into new markets. From this point of view, the Company is entering into direct contracts with service providers worldwide as one of the steps to be announced soon.”

“The Qatari market,” he pointed out, “has become a global market in which all segments from around the world are present and this is a motivation to continue to develop and provide global services that suit these segments and their aspirations. QLM is pursuing the QIC’s approach in the planned growth of the Group in world markets. The Group’s presence and spread globally paves the way for QLM to spread through the companies and QIC’s branches.”

The expansion in Russia is deemed an important addition to the current network owned by QLM. This is the largest global network of medical service providers including major hospitals, medical clinics, diagnostic centers, laboratories, radiotherapy facilities, pharmacies, physiotherapy centers, dental centers and optical clinics.

Ahmed Mohamed Zebeib, a Senior Executive of QLM Life and Medical Insurance stated that, “QLM is always proactive and keen to provide the most comprehensive service to its customers. Providing the largest network of healthcare providers is a testament to this approach.

“The Company,” he added “has achieved a qualitative leap which is evidenced by the size of its customer base at the local level or at the regional level. To keep pace with this growing growth, the Company has relied on modern technologies in providing its services. It has an in-house, 24-hour call center which enables communication from outside and within the country to acquire the service from the places of customer presence The Center also employs a multi-lingual staff to facilitate dealing with all customers of the company.

“We have the largest network of service providers in the State of Qatar,” He explained, “allowing our customers complete freedom to deal with the nearest treatment center and we have representative offices within the major hospitals to ensure the highest level of health care services provided by our service providers around the world.”

Furthermore, Zebeib stressed that, “Competition is not only in the implementation of companies or institutions to provide a medical insurance for their employees, but in the quality of technology and technological services provided by the medical insurance companies to the client.”

QLM provides overseas treatment services worldwide. The Company has developed a system, the first of its kind in the Middle East, where the Company pays medical expenses outside the State of Qatar directly to the service provider based on the customer’s choice of the place of treatment in accordance with the benefits table of each medical insurance policy.


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