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Having an accident – and a claim to register – is always a hassle; we know this. We have therefore done our utmost to make registering and managing claims with us as easy and fast as possible Click one of the images below to learn how to easily register a claim with us – if in doubt, or you need our assistance, you can always call 8000 742

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Motor Insurance Claims Management

To register a motor claim, you need four documents

If your insured vehicle is involved in an accident, you must first obtain two approvals before we may begin fixing it:

  1. The MOI traffic department must approve the repairs by issuing both the accident report & Vehicle repair permit.
  2. QIC will approve the repair after inspecting your vehicle at the selected workshop.

Police Report

The soft or hard copy of the accident report from the police must be provided to you by the MOI traffic department (document #1) as well as a copy of the repair permission report  (document #2)

CR & Driver’s License

…and then you need to get a copy of both sides of your car registration (document #3) and a copy of both sides of your driver’s license (document #4)

Required Documents:

  1. Vehicle Owner Qatari ID Copy (both sides)
  2. The accident report from the MOI – Traffic Dept.
  3. Vehicle repair permit from the MOI – Traffic Dept.
  4. Vehicle registration copy (both sides)
  5. Driver’s license copy (both sides)

How to open a Claim:

You may now quickly register the claim with us using the above mentioned documents — Choose any of below following methods to submit your claim:

For any assistance, we’re always delighted to help you with Dial 8000 742


and upload the documents; we’ll get back to you right away

Send the documents via email


Send the documents via fax

to +974 4448 5858

Visit Us

Bring all required documents to the QIC Motor Claims Department at the Barwa branch.

Things to be aware of with your motor insurance policy

An insurance policy is a financial agreement between QIC and you. To protect your rights and to secure compliance of QIC as a financial organisation, the State of Qatar has mandated how comprehensive and third partly liability insurances works in terms of covers

For Comprehensive Insurances

The owner of the vehicle has to pay a small part of the spare parts used for repairing the car / bike once the car is older than one year. However, this can be waived by purchasing  the ‘No Depreciation of Spare Parts’ Optional cover

Claims repairs will always be done at the car / bike brand’s agency during the first year of registration. Thereafter, QIC can choose to use another workshop of comparable quality. If you wish to ensure your car be repaired at the workshop of the agency, you can buy the ‘Agency Repair’ Optional cover

Important to Know: There are times when your motor insurance does not cover you

There are very few exceptions to the cover of your motor insurance, but they are very important to be aware of – for an exhaustive explanation of the below exceptions, please refer to the policy wordings

The motor insurance does not cover you and the damages you cause if:

  • You’re driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • You do not hold a valid driver’s license
  • An accident happens while you drive at an excessive speed
  • An accident happens if you cross the red light
  • You drive on sand dunes without the Off-Road 360 cover(cover not applicable for bikes)

Home Insurance Claims Management

We will do our best to ease your frustration by making your engagement with us as simple and hassle-free as possible


In case of a claim under the Policy, the Insured should immediately notify us about the occurrence of the claim and provide all the information and assistance which we may reasonably require.

You can contact us through Call Centre: 8000742 | Email: | Website:

Visit to our Head office:
Tamin Street, West Bay,
Doha, Qatar

Following initial claims notification, we will provide a list of preliminary documents required for claims registration and to process the claim.

These will generally include:

  1. Duly completed claim form.
  2. Police report / Civil defence report.
  3. List of items damaged and the proof of existence of the item/purchase receipts.
  4. Evidence relating to the occurrence of the incident that has resulted in the claim.
  5. Contact details for arranging survey of the damage.
  6. Copy of any communication with a third party responsible for the damage, if any, protecting the rights of recovery.
  7. Copy of your Qatar ID

We reserve the right to require additional documents after review of the preliminary documents. You should preserve the damaged items till the finalization of the claim.

Travel Insurance Claims Management

Upon submission of all documents (as mentioned below) we will open a claim file

Required Documents:

  • A duly filled Travelcare Plus Claims form within 30 days of your return – please find the travel claims form here
  • Copies of Qatar ID and travel booking/itinerary
  • All original invoices and bills
  • All property irregularity reports or official written confirmations of a loss
  • All claims must be substantiated with receipts, valuations, medical, police or other report(s) as applicable

In the event of an Inpatient Medical and Curtailment claim, please contact our 24 Hour Claims Assistance  Company Neuron at +971 4382 3600 before QIC’s approval

Contact our Claims Department

QIC Call Center: 8000 742 – open Sunday through Thursday from 7 am – 8 pm, Saturday 9 am to 5 pm

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