At QIC, Qataris have been empowered to play a pivotal role in taking up the mantle for the continued progress of the company. As part of its Qatarisation Strategy, QIC continues to focus on recruiting, developing and nurturing local community. We identify young talented Qataris to enhance their capabilities in leadership roles across various fields and departments. By mentoring, training and providing vocational intensive courses in finance and insurance, QIC is heralding “firm progress” towards its drive for Qatarisation.

Last year, QIC conferred certificates to nine Qatari employees who completed the first course of a highly resourceful professional training programme, which was conducted by the Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA). The first course of this intensive training programme was especially designed for QIC’s Qatari employees across finance, legal and retail departments. The course comprised a combination of lectures, discussions and workshop sessions that aimed at delivering pragmatic and innovative solutions with a special focus on insurance.

QIC aims to develop more programmes and initiatives to support and develop its Qatari employees’ career path and would like to do more to expand efforts to attract and retain Qatari talent. Moreover, QIC aims to increase intake of competent and skilled Qatari employees by a substantial amount. This initiative would not only be seen as key in determining the success and progress of Qatar’s growing insurance sector, but would also enable Qatar in achieving sustainable development for building a prosperous future.