Motor Fleet

From few vehicles to nation-wide vehicle fleets, our motor fleet insurance will keep you on the roads

QIC’s Fleets & Vehicles insurance helps you insure vehicles under a single policy to ease you from the burden of insuring them individually. Moreover, there is only one renewal date, one payment plan and one point of contact which is a big advantage and time saver when you have to deal with claims or when you’re adding or removing vehicles from your existing policy

If you have several vehicles that need to be insured, then look no further than QIC for your Fleets & Vehicles Insurance cover. Whether you own several High Goods Vehicles (HGVs) or a fleet of private cars, our policy can be tailored to your needs to ensure that your business will be constantly moving and delivering real results, whatever happens! QIC provides tailored coverage for a range of vehicle types and fleet sizes

Maximum three days repair approval

motor-fleet-img-300x300We know your business is depending on your vehicles and that vehicles under repair can be potentially lost income

This is why we guarantee you that we finish the administrative work for a claim in less than three working days, so the workshop can begin repair almost immediately

…and we repair your vehicle in the workshop best suited, too

With 50+ years of experience in Qatar, we know every workshop and garage in the country. We have them evaluated in our unique Workshop Rating Programme so you can be sure that your vehicles would be repaired at the workshop best suited for the specific repair

Cover for wide range of vehicles

Our Fleets & Vehicles insurance policy covers for a wide range of vehicles-right from taxi fleets, company fleets, minibus fleets, rent a car services, HGVs, courier van fleets to trucks/haulage

Vehicle Insurance Covers

Our policies can be tailored to meet your specific fleet insurance needs, with a choice of comprehensive, third party fire and theft for each vehicle insured – make sure to contact us for a tailor-made offer to match your specific needs

Optional Covers

We acknowledge that every business has different priorities. This is why we offer a wide range of additional covers to include more options for your Fleets & Vehicles insurance so that you get the cover to suit your need

Personal Accident Cover

The comprehensive insurance already covers you and the passengers in case of an accident. With the Personal Accident Cover, the benefits are extended even more

Roadside Assistance

Our Roadside Assistance cover gets you moving quickly. Apart from towing services, we also offer mechanical first aid, flat tyre, lock – out, fuel and battery services. Roadside Assistance package comes in two versions, one that covers Qatar and the other that covers the GCC

Agency Repair

Repairs of your vehicle will always be done at your vehicle’s agency during the first year of its registration. However, after the first year, we may choose to repair it at a workshop we see fit for providing an equally good service. If you want to make sure that your vehicle is always repaired at the agency, you need to add this to your comprehensive insurance

Depreciation Of Spare Parts

As per Qatari law, owners of vehicles which are more than a year old must pay a certain percentage of the spare parts used for claims repair. QIC offers protection from this so you’ll never have to pay anything for the depreciation of spare parts

Off-road Cover

Many roads in Qatar are still not paved and the standard comprehensive insurance does not cover your vehicle for accidents happening on non-paved roads such as access roads to the beach, construction sites etc.  With the Off-Road cover, you are covered on such roads

Further, you can add the “Off-Road 360” cover to your comprehensive policy for a small fee to cover damages to your vehicle (with off-road capabilities) when driven on non-paved roads like sand dunes and similar terrains

Buying your Motor Fleet Insurance – contact the experts

Fleet policies are tailor-made to suit the individual need of our clients – both with respect to the extension of covers and just as important with respect to the final premium that has to be paid

Please use the contact information below to get in touch with us so we’re sure to provide you with the solution that’s optimal for your fleet and your budget!


QIC Fleet Management is open Sunday through Thursday from 7am-3pm

Senior Manager – Corporate Motor : Hosam Eldin Fowzi
QIC Corporate Department

Direct tel: +974 44962 243


Motor Fleet Insurance claims management

We will do our best to ease your frustration by making your engagement with us as simple and hassle-free as possible – please read more about the motor claims process here

For Motor Fleets, we usually set up a dedicated claims process suited to meet your requirements and needs – this will be a part of the final insurance package that we offer you