QLM Participates in Healthcare Law module for JD Students at HBKU

Mar 27, 2018 (0) comment


QLM, Qatar’s leading Health and Life insurer and a subsidiary of Qatar Insurance Group recently participated in the Healthcare Law course taught by Dr. Barry Solaiman at the College of Law and Public Policy at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU), a member of the Qatar Foundation.

The topics discussed with students on the Juris Doctor (JD) graduate law program comprised medical insurance law, standards and requirements provided by medical insurance law, the legal framework mandated for the establishment of modern comprehensive medical insurance system, trends in medical insurance and a roundup on QLM’s services. Nasser Al Naimi, Executive Vice President, Legal Department of QIC Group, Ahmad M Zebeib, Senior Manager, QLM and Mohamed Salem, Senior Business Development Manager, QLM all presented critical insights to the students to broaden and deepen their understanding of the relevant issues.

With the advancement in medical science and technology, costs for healthcare and treatment have continued to rise. As a consequence, the spiraling healthcare related costs have affected individuals, families and ultimately the health systems. In view of this, uptake of health insurance serves as a potential solution for people seeking healthcare coverage. Moreover, health insurance also facilitates access to health management services through a network of service providers. Hence it may be prudent that organizations provide full health insurance coverage for their employees as part of their employee engagement benefits. Indeed, such arrangements are undertaken by various employers in Qatar.

At a macro level, healthcare is considered a key sector that drives growth in the economy through in-flow of insurance premiums. The nation’s heightened interest in the burgeoning sector has clearly been evidenced through the significant increase in the number of service providers.

The students were informed of the recent attention and support of the state to the medical sector, which was positively reflected in the increased the number of medical centers. . This will certainly benefit the national economy and the health sector directly by enhancing income sources and increasing competition in the field of medical services expenses, with the aim of attracting customers.

During the seminar, examples and models of health insurance programs in Europe, America and various countries were discussed in terms of their mechanisms of implementation and how the model of partnership between the State and the private sector was important for the success of health insurance programs. This is verified by the fact that government support in these countries for the private medical sector has resulted in a high level of medical services and specialties and has attracted patients from around the world to receive treatment and medical services.

Nasser Al Naimi added: “This class is indeed unique as it provides students with an opportunity to gain knowledge on medical insurance law and know about the practicalities post implementation. It also helps them to know more about the challenges in the medical insurance sector.”

He continued, “Companies that operate in Qatar comply with the health insurance laws. In fact, owing to the developments in this arena, Qatar has been benchmarked along with A-listed countries for implementing global standards in the field of healthcare as has been set out by the United Nations (UN) and World Health Organization (WHO).”

Ahmad M Zebeib, Senior Manager, QLM, said: “We take pride in organizing lessons such as this for HBKU students. In our capacity as a leading medical insurer, we are keen on raising awareness on health insurance and its significance in the society.”

Zebeib highlighted: “QLM is the only national insurer that has provisions for in-house operations and internal audit where applications are duly reviewed and approvals on services are issued on a need basis. QLM is well equipped to deal with the best medical service providers in Qatar and abroad. Participation in this lesson demonstrates our commitment towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and our ongoing efforts towards promoting overall wellbeing for the people of Qatar.”

Clinton Francis, the Founding Dean of the HBKU College of Law and Public Policy, states: “We greatly appreciate QLM’s participation in the Healthcare Law module in the JD program. This innovative course offers students a holistic understanding of healthcare law issues both abroad and in Qatar. During the course, key figures from the health system in Qatar are invited into the class in order to provide background. QLM represents one of the leading contributors whose participation adds significant contextual richness.”


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