Qatar Insurance Company launches nation’s first loyalty program for car insurance

Dec 15, 2014 (0) comment

To increase the value provided with full car insurance policies, Qatar Insurance Company (QIC) introduced the nation’s-first loyalty program for the policyholders of the company’s comprehensive car insurances. “We acknowledge that buying a new car is one of the biggest investments an individual or family makes and we truly want to do all we can to help protect this investment, both in terms of securing it in the best way and in terms of taking good care of the vehicle”, said Mr. Ali Al Fadala, Senior Deputy Group President and CEO of QIC. He further explained by adding, “We have therefore introduced QIC’s U-Club, which hosts a series of benefits for both the car owners and the car itself-be it special offers on regular car maintenance, value added packages to the existing insurance or even special offers for the car owner and his family.”

QIC’s U-Club offers discounts and other benefits from a variety of different partners, ranging from selected workshops in the industrial area over Home and Travel insurance discounts to special offers on home appliances and personal items – all centered around the car and the people owning or using the car.

Mr. Ali Al Fadala commented, “It is very easy to enroll for a membership of the new U-Club; in fact all QIC customers having comprehensive car insurance, which covers own damage caused to the car, are eligible for joining the club. The club has several tiers, which aims to increase the offered benefits depending on how long you have been a customer with QIC and how many cars you have insured with us.”

Coral, Silver and Gold are the three tiers of the U-Club. Most members will enroll themselves in the Coral tier and earn points as they go up to become eligible for the Silver and Gold tiers, depending on how long they stay or how many cars they insure with QIC. The best part of the loyalty program is that the membership is personal and belongs to the policy holder, but the benefits can be used by all in the immediate family.

Mr. P.E. Alexander, CEO of QIC Qatar explained the background for launching the U-Club. During the launch, he stated, “We are happy to have so many loyal customers and by launching this U-Club, we aim to honor this loyalty by offering a series of very good and valuable offers that can be used every day by our customers and members of the U-Club.”

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