Drivers in Oman see infrastructure improvements but experience an increase in reckless driving

Mar 22, 2016 (0) comment

Mr.-Ewen-McRobbie,-CEO,-OQIC-1 Oman Qatar Insurance Company’s Road Safety Monitor highlights widespread concern about the state of roads and driver behavior in Oman

OQIC Insured (Oman Qatar Insurance Company) today announced the results of the Road Safety Monitor, which is a bi-annual survey done by YouGov for OQIC Insured, to gauge driver perceptions about the roads and traffic in Oman. This is a regional initiative which originated from the partnership with RoadSafetyUAE. The survey revealed widespread concerns about the state of roads and driver behavior in Oman in spite of improvements in road infrastructure.

Commenting on the OQIC Insured Road Safety Monitor, Ewen McRobbie, CEO, Oman Qatar Insurance Company said: “We are proud to introduce this unique long term perception study in Oman. The results reflect the genuine apprehensions of Oman residents and point towards an urgent need for all stakeholders to work together to improve safety standards on Oman roads. We need to create effective road safety campaigns which can help influence driving behaviour and convince motorists to adopt safe driving practices on a consistent basis.”

Survey highlights infrastructure improvements and also an increase in reckless driving:

  • 68 % experience an increase in people speeding on the roads over the last six months
  • 75 % feel that they see more distracted drivers than in the last six months (texting or talking on the phone, reading the newspaper etc.)
  • 78 % agree that road infrastructure has improved in the last six months
  • On an average, people don’t feel that the daily commute time takes longer than six months ago

Respondents now feel that there is more reckless driving behavior and a larger increase in distracted drivers. While the government works hard to improve road facilities, the driving culture is seen as a big challenge.

  • 59% of respondents enjoy driving on Oman’s roads more than six months ago, compared to 21% who enjoy it less
  • 41% of respondents reported their commute time is unchanged or faster; with an unlucky 44% reporting a longer drive to work
  • 78% report road infrastructure has improved in the last six months
  • 68% of respondents now perceive more speeding vehicles on the roads than in the last 6 months, 68% perceive more tailgating, while 75% perceive more distracted drivers and 57% have witnessed more abrupt lane changing (the main reason for road fatalities on Oman roads!)
  • • 33% believe Oman’s roads have become more challenging in the last 6 months while only 53% believe they have become less challenging

The study is the first stage of an ongoing approach to quantify perception trends of motorists about infrastructure, the overall driving enjoyment, commute time, driving behavior (linked to the main causes of accidents, injuries and fatalities), fines & accidents.

The perception trends are measured for the last 6 months and are based on the views of a representative sample amongst Oman residents.

Frederik Bisbjerg, Executive Vice President, MENA Retail, Qatar Insurance Company explains, “Safer roads are a benefit for all including families, businesses, government and insurers. As one of the leading insurers, we have a real opportunity to play a part in influencing how people drive. The government promotes safe driving and fines reckless drivers when they break the rules, and we as an insurer can offer safe drivers a ‘carrot’ in the form of lower insurance premiums. This monitor is an important step in understanding how OQIC Insured can play a role for safer roads in the Sultanate of Oman”.


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