Confidence at Every Turn! QIC Rolls Out New Awareness Campaign

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Qatar Insurance Company (QIC), the leading insurance company in Qatar and the MENA region, has launched its latest awareness campaign labeled “Confidence at Every Turn” and designed to inspire and boost self-assurance among the community in Qatar.

Rolled out in conjunction with the new season kicking off and people going back to their homes, schools or offices, “Confidence at Every Turn” is a content-based awareness campaign through which QIC promotes a confident return to the normal everyday life, providing the community with a series of useful content to help them navigate the new season and enjoy a worry-free year ahead.

Supported across out of home, digital channels, and in collaboration with opinion leaders and social media influencers, the campaign offers a renewable repertoire of inspiring stories, confidence-boosting tips and lifehacks that shall help everyone have a new understanding of their abilities and to make better decisions all year round. The content includes videos, podcasts, blog posts, handy guides, quizzes and much more, and will be accessible until 1 October 2023.

To explore the exclusive content and be part of the campaign, users need to fill a short registration form at, following which every user receives a personal link to access the exclusive content anytime they wish. To give voice to the community, QIC welcomes everyone to share their own content and inspire their peers. Content creators in Qatar are invited to share their own inspiring content of all formats using #QICConfidence and get the chance to be featured on QIC’s media channels during the campaign duration.

Commenting on the new campaign, Mr. Ahmed Al Jarboey, QIC’s Chief Operating Officer – Qatar Operations, said: “People always aspire to live a worry-free life, and this is exactly what QIC has been helping people with for six decades in Qatar and beyond. Our new campaign is carefully designed to help people boost their confidence in every step they take, and I would like to invite everyone to join our campaign and to be part of our exercise to inspire others and leave a positive impact that wouldn’t last for a few weeks only, but for the entire year ahead.”

About Qatar Insurance Company

Qatar Insurance Company is a publicly listed insurer with a consistent performance history over 58 years and a global underwriting footprint. Founded in 1964, QIC was the first domestic insurance company in the State of Qatar. Today, QIC is the market leader in Qatar and a dominant insurer in the GCC and MENA regions. QIC is the largest insurance company in the MENA region by total assets and is listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange.

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