Safe Driver Contest

Nov 11, 2014 (0) comment

QIC would like to congratulate the winners and participants of the Safe Driver Contest

The contest was run by QIC in conjunction with Qatar Mobility Innovations Centre (QMIC) as a pilot project to test the implementation of Masarak’s intelligent Telematics Platform as a means to assess drivers’ behavior patterns. 40 QIC employees enthusiastically participated in the contest.

The contest ran for three months during which the participants’ vehicles were equipped with in-vehicle Masarak Telematics devices that collected data for evaluating key driving habits including harsh acceleration, harsh deceleration, over-speeding and distances driven. All these factors were used by the Masarak iFleet cloud-based system to compute the driver scorecard, which was then used to compare and rank the participants.

The goal was to optimise a driving ranking/assessment system and identify a set of performance indicators along with proper incentives, to enable the delivery of new “Pay-How-You-Drive” insurance plans. These insurance plans can play a significant role in improving driving behaviour and can have a significant impact on road safety, which is a key priority in Qatar and the region.

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