QLM Life and Medical Insurance Company expands its global medical network

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QLM Life and Medical Insurance Company announced the expansion of its global medical network based on the company’s keenness to provide the best to its customers. This step highlights the company’s customer focused approach of caring for its customers and upgrading its services.

Mr. Salem bin Khalaf Al Mannai, CEO of Qatar Insurance Group said, “QLM is preparing for a major start by developing its products to suit the largest segment of its customer audience. Accordingly, we have expanded our global medical network to include more than 70,000 hospitals and medical centers around the world spread across five continents.

Mr. Salem Al-Mannai stated, “The development of the company’s global medical network was completed earlier this year, but we postponed its announcement due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the suspension of international travel. Since travel restrictions are being lifted gradually, we thought that it was time to announce the expansion of the new network, which is considered as one of the largest medical networks for an insurance company in the region and is comparable in terms of size and excellence of accessibility to major international insurance companies”.

Mr. Salem Al-Mannai affirmed that the group is keen to provide a network of medical service providers offering the highest level of quality, efficiency and geographical spread to ensure the provision of healthcare services to clients all over the world. This indicates that the company aims to expand globally and enter new markets and concludes direct contracts with healthcare service providers around the world as a step in its path towards further growth.

Al-Mannai added that QLM will contact its clients to provide them with details of the global medical network in the near future. QLM Life and Medical Insurance is considered as the largest health insurance company in the State of Qatar and the only specialized company that leads the health insurance sector through its advanced services and flexible insurance programs that suit all segments of society in the State of Qatar.

Referring to the strength of the newly expanded network, QLM distinguishes itself by its large number of healthcare service providers and its geographical spread that includes all continents. The expanded network contains major hospitals, dispensaries, clinics, medical centers, dental and ophthalmology clinics and pharmacies around the world.

QLM provides a help desk with a special representative in some major countries to help and support customers and facilitate direct payment procedures. Through the integrated mobile phone application, customers can search for a service provider from QLM’s network of service providers with full details about doctors and their specialties, as well as (GPS) location services.

QLM Life and Medical Insurance is a pioneer in implementing the best solutions that make it easier for its customers to benefit from the services it provides. More than four years ago QLM launched the access to health insurance service through the presentation of the Qatar ID card as an alternative to the presentation of the health insurance cards for citizens and residents registered in QLM’s health insurance system.

QLM, the leader in Life & Medical Insurance provides treatment services abroad all over the world and has developed a system that is the first of its kind in the Middle East whereby the company pays for medical treatment expenses incurred outside Qatar (all over the world) directly to the service provider based on the client’s choice of where to receive treatment in line with the benefit schedule for each medical insurance policy.

The implementation of the network expansion was completed only after conducting reviews of major hospitals and medical centers before they were included in the network in order to ensure the same quality of healthcare services. The expansion of the network coincides with the company’s willingness to develop its services and upgrade them to the highest level in order to keep pace with the company’s growing customer base at the local and regional level. QLM has deployed technology to expand its network of healthcare service providers around the world to ensure the provision of the highest level of healthcare services to its customers.


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