QLM celebrates World Health Day by offering free medical Check-up for all citizens and residents of Qatar

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Q Life & Medical Insurance Company (QLM) – Qatar’s leading Health & Life Insurer is celebrating World Health Day by offering free medical check-up on 6th April (Friday) for all nationals and residents of Qatar. Whether insured with QLM or not, all Qatari nationals and expatriates can visit the nearest QLM counters located at the leading medical providers namely, Al Tai (Al Kinana Street, Al Nasr), Al Abeer Medical Centre (Mesaimeer Road & Al Karrasat Street), Elite Medical Centre (Al Jazeera Al Arabiya Street), Al Safa Polyclinic (Al Kinana Street, Al Nasr), Naseem Al Rabeeh (C Ring Road & Rayyan branch), Al Rabeeh Medical Centre (Al Aziziyah), Planet Medical Centre (Al Waab Street), Aster Plus (Muntazah), Aster Plus Medcare Polyclinic (Al Salam Street, Hilal), Aster Plus Welcare Polyclinic (Al Jassasiya Street, Al Rayyan), Aster Medical Center (Al Ghanim, Industrial Area, Al Khor) and Aster Hospital (D Ring Road) to avail free medical check-up and services. Participants would only need to present their Qatar ID to avail the medical services listed below.

Participants visiting Al Tai Medical Centre can choose any one of the specialties viz. Orthopedic Consultation, Internal Medicine Consultation, Dermatology Consultation, Pediatric Consultation, Ophthalmology Consultation, CBC, Urine Analysis, Glucose Random, Lipid Profile, Urea, Creatinine, Uric Acid, AST, ALT, and X-Ray.

The free medical tests available at Al Abeer include GP Consultation, Dental Consultation, Blood Pressure, Glucose – Random, Cholesterol -Total, Creatinine – Serum (Kidney Function), ALT (Liver Function), and Body Mass Index (Assess Body Fat).

Those visiting Elite Medical Centre can avail free GP Consultation, Dental Consultation, Dermatology Consultation, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, and Body Mass Index (BMI).

Free medical tests available at Al Safa Polyclinic include GP Consultation, Vital Signs, Random Blood Sugar, Pulmonary Function Test (Spirometry), Eye Checkup, Dental Consultation, Cardiology Consultation & Echocardiogram (examination dependent), Obstetrician & Gynecology Consultation and Ultrasonography. Naseem Al Rabeeh Medical Centre at C Ring Road is offering free GP Consultation, Cardiology Consultation, Neurologists consultation voucher, Cholesterol checkup, Random Blood Sugar, Body Mass Index, and 25% discount on follow-up services.

Naseem Al Rabeeh Medical Centre at Rayyan is providing free GP Consultation, Neurologists Consultation, Dental Consultation & X-Ray, Dermatology Consultation, Gynecology Consultation, ENT Consultation, Orthopedic Consultation, Cholesterol checkup, Random Blood Sugar, Body Mass Index, Free Medicine, and 25% discount on follow-up services. Whilst Al Rabeeh Dental Center at Aziziyah Branch offers free Dental examination and X-Ray.

Planet Medical Centre is providing free Internal Medicine Consultation, Dental Consultation, and Ophthalmology Consultation, tests for Glucose Random, Calcium, Creatinine, Urine Analysis, and Cholesterol.

Aster Medical Centres and Aster Hospital is offering free Physical Examination, CBC (14 tests), Triglyceride, HDL Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol, VLDL Cholesterol, Cholesterol Total, Uric Acid (Kidney), SGPT (Liver), Blood Sugar.

Mr. Ahmad Mohammed Zebeib, Senior Manager at QLM states, “Aligning our approach with the newly introduced National Health Strategy (NHS) 2018-2022, we take pride in commemorating World Health Day along with our provider network. It is our way of demonstrating our commitment towards promoting awareness about various lifestyle diseases and ways to prevent them.”

He further adds, “Early detection of lifestyle diseases such as high Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar etc. is crucial as it helps to prevent complications at a later stage. The free medical check-up reinforces the importance of this proposition and echoes the salient features of the NHS 2018-2022 that focuses more on disease prevention and helps the community to maintain a healthy and an active lifestyle.”

Rated ‘A/Stable’ by Standard & Poor’s, QLM differentiates itself from its peers by delivering bespoke and innovative medical insurance solutions with unmatched customer service. QLM has established itself as a pioneer in the medical insurance sector in Qatar, with its highly experienced in-house team of experts coupled with innovative technologies and a wide network of medical service providers, QLM is well positioned to deliver the world class healthcare services to its multicultural client base.


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