QIC Insured garners success in end-to-end digitalization of products & services

Sep 17, 2019 (0) comment


Generating one-third of its business through its online portal, QIC Insured-the retail arm of Qatar Insurance Group has garnered success in digitalization of its suite of insurance products and services. QIC Insured deployed end-to-end digitalization and enhanced operational efficiency, which in turn resulted in a significant reduction of time lag. It also improved customer interaction and engagement.

Witnessing the shift in customer’s mindset towards purchasing, managing and renewing insurances online, QIC Insured further strengthened its digital platform by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI). Customers were able to connect at a personal level and have a hassle-free, memorable experience, which prompted them to revisit the portal and pursue more online interactions at their convenience, from anywhere, at any time.

Right from getting instant quotes, to purchasing products online, filing a claim & tracking the status, QIC Insured’s sophisticated digitalized platform caters to customers across all touch points. Customers can schedule an appointment online for Insurance on Call –a revolutionary policy issuance and delivery service. Moreover, instant assistance available through QIC Insured’s Chatbots have taken user interface interaction to a completely new level. Even customer notifications and alerts regarding the scheduled date of delivery of repaired cars from workshops are now are also being managed digitally.

Speaking about QIC’s digital transformation, Mr. Fahad Al Suwaidi, Deputy CEO of QIC states, “QIC has come a long way in its journey towards digital transformation. A clear proof of this transformation can be noticed through the surge in the number of online transactions from early 2015 until now. Increased access to the internet, usage of smartphone and handheld devices has been a key driver for the growing popularity of the online platform. However, we still observe some customers preferring human interaction and friendly guidance from our branch representatives.”

He further comments, “Digital transformation is all about sweeping change. It changes everything about how products are designed, sold, delivered, and serviced. Applying AI-based algorithms across all verticals, we successfully optimized operations that enhanced customer satisfaction, scalability, and facilitated cutbacks on time for claims settlements. Having said that, we firmly believe that digital transformation is a continuous journey and we’re hopeful that we will keep reaping the benefits to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and retention”.


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