QIC Group sponsors Katara International Exhibition for Kahraman

Jan 18, 2024 (0) comment

Kahraman 2024

Qatar Insurance Group (QIC, QIC Group), the leading insurer in Qatar and the MENA region is the official insurance sponsor of the Katara International Exhibition for Kahraman (Amber). Running from 15th until 18th January, the exhibition is the first of its kind in Qatar, the biggest in the Middle East and the second largest international exhibition of its kind. The exhibition showcases authentic Kahraman meeting the tastes and preferences of different age groups and bringing together a wide range of those products along with their makers and manufacturers.

Commenting on this distinctive partnership, Rashid Al-Buainain, QIC Group’s Chief Administrative Officer stated, “As the leading insurer in Qatar, we have a long-standing commitment towards supporting activities that promote and preserve Qatari cultural heritage, which the Kahraman industry is part and parcel of.”

He further stated, “Our strategic partnership with Katara cultural village, underpins our keenness towards maintaining and reviving our legacy for our future generations.”

The exhibition is in its fourth edition and is bringing together displays from 14 countries from across the Arab world and beyond including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkiye, China, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and the Dominican Republic, where they will showcase rare and expensive beads made of authentic Kahraman.


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