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Qatar Insurance Company (QIC) issued its product QIC ANAYA, which considered a unique initiative for the company in medical insurance sector across the Middle East. Such product was issued during press conference held yesterday, in which the theme “ANAYA for All People” was launched; which targets health of all citizens and residents in the State of Qatar. ANAYA is a product which covers health service charges for holders of such cards with medical service providers from medical private sector such as hospitals, health centers, private clinics, dental centers and pharmacies. Issuing this product has come as execution for future strategy of the company aiming at enhancing communication with customers and providing distinctive services to them. The product will be available for customers as of 30 April at all company branches and on its website and major hospitals in the State.

The conference was attended by a number of senior officials in the company, headed by: Salem bin Khalaf Al Mannai and several company customers. Mr. Salem Al Mannai made a presentation on the program and strategy of the group in diversifying its product lines provided in the market, customer needs, insurance sector equally for a unique product which includes covering part of medical expenses for the individual, in addition to showing product targets and how to benefit from it.

On the occasion of issuing QIC ANAYA, Mr. Salem Khalaf Al Mannai said: “On the basis of the future vision for QIC Group, we issued this product after conducting several studies and statistics on customer needs, in addition to advantages of the private medical sector in the State of Qatar. Through this product, customers will be shared for a part of expenses for some services such as medical diagnosis, All dental medical and cosmetic services, pregnancy and delivery, optical services, consultations on nutrition, physical therapy, dental implantation, Hollywood smile, testing laboratories, periodical medical investigation, surgeries, cosmetic treatments, dermal laser treatments, cosmetic dermal treatments, fat treatment, cutting and connecting stomach, liposuction and other services uncovered with other insurance companies. This product will be utilized by largest network of medical services in the State of Qatar.”

Al Mannai continued: “QIC ANAYA product will include all sectors of the society from citizens, retirees, residents and without any restricts on ages in order for the product to become more inclusive in insurance sector, and to be considered an integrated project which can fulfill all needs of all sectors in the society. Each stage in the project will have more coverages for the comprehensive coverage. In the next stage freedom of choice will be provided to the customer in identifying the product and its appropriate price.”

Al Mannai referred that: “Price of the product has been determined in order to be within reach of all society sectors to achieve competitive targets serving customer benefit, upon this product sharing service prices attained by the customers from service providers will be varied based on type of each service and service provider. This product will be provided through company branches at: West Bay, Abu Hamour, Villaggio, Landmark, Lulu Al Gharafa, Lulu Messila, Almeera Al Mansoura, and on its website: and major hospitals.”

Al Mannai said: “QIC possesses about 80% of companies medical insurance sector through its affiliates and fully-owned company QLM Life & Medical Insurance Company. In addition, QIC aims to possess a market volume similar to individuals medical insurance. This project is considered a translation of the group experiences acquired from the international markets in which it operates, employing these experiences in the local market for the sector progress and giving the opportunity for the competition of providing services which benefits the customer.”

Salem Al Mannai declared that: “ANAYA for All People is one of the groups’ projects which will be implemented in insurance sector, and this is the first level of QIC project, Anaya. The next level will include overall treatment and abroad treatment, since supporting that healthy care is a lawful right for everyone is one of the aims of the project.

Speaking on service providers network, Salem Al Mannai stated that: “One of the most important advantages of QIC ANAYA is the participation of the major hospitals within Service providers network, notably Al-Ahli Hospital, Al Emadi Hospital, Doha Clinic Hospital and Turkish Hospital, and the capacity of the network is more than 100 health centers, clinics and pharmacies and still increasing. We have endeavored to provide convenience to services providers for those who wish to join the network by registering their medical services via the service providers website.”

Al Mannai proudly stated: “Launching QIC ANAYA exclusively grants all Qataris and residents of the State of Qatar access to distinct health services from the private medical sector, covering up to 70% of medical expenses and ensures the provisions of comprehensive medical consultations for certain medical specialties and without waiting for prior approvals required to obtain the required medical services and cover all treatments not covered by medical insurance policies”.

Al Mannai noted: “Private medical sector in the State of Qatar is capable of providing the best solutions for medical services and delivering the same at the best level. It has the power to manage private and government medical insurance programs and the well-regulated relationship between medical services providers and customers is the key basis upon which QIC ANAYA project is established. Given that partnership between the State and private sector is the perfect model and the significant care from the State for healthcare, we have a significant motivation now to launch this product which will contribute to the endeavors of the company to achieve the Qatar National Vision 2030”.

Al Mannai further stated: “The importance of this product is based on that people’s health is a major element to build a successful and prosperous country. As such, obtaining high-quality healthcare services is a crucial and decisive to ensure healthy people in accordance with the overall vision for promoting healthcare sector in Qatar within the National Health Strategy (NHS).”

He stated: “The development and growing competences, either at the service level, medical specialties or the accumulated experiences in this field, witnessed by the private medical sector in the State of Qatar has increased the attraction of the patients worldwide to receive treatment and medical services in the State of Qatar.”

During the events, a video presentation on the product and how a costumer could utilize it from different distribution channels was made. It was explained how the product is used within service providers network, after obtaining the product and utilizing its several advantages as well as obtaining the services easily by personal ID. The conference witnessed remarkable response from the audience by answering all questions and inquiries.


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