Fraud Awareness

Important information you should know about Qatar Insurance Group to help you recognize and avoid common fraud schemes.

Recognizing Fraudulent Emails:

Qatar Insurance Group will never request sensitive information, such as passwords or financial details, via email. Be cautious of emails requesting such information or claiming urgency in response.

Recognizing Fraudulent Emails

Protecting Personal Information:

Avoid sharing personal information, such as account numbers or passwords, through email or other unsecured channels. Qatar Insurance Group will only request such information through secure channels or during authorized interactions.

Protecting Personal Information

Identifying Phishing Attempts:

Be wary of emails containing suspicious links or attachments, especially those urging you to click or provide personal information. Phishing emails often mimic legitimate organizations and aim to deceive recipients.

Identifying Phishing Attempts




Fraudulent Websites:

Exercise caution when encountering websites claiming affiliation with Qatar Insurance Group. Communicate only through official channels and engage in transactions only after completing our client onboarding process.

Fraudulent Websites

Reporting Suspected Fraud:

If you suspect fraudulent activity or receive communication from a suspicious party, please contact us using the telephone number and email address provided on our website under the “Contact Us” section. Your cooperation helps us maintain the security and integrity of our insurance services.

Reporting Suspected Fraud